Semi-dry screeds

Perfectly smooth finish.

With no need for drying.

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Concrete screed

EcoMix is also a renowned supplier of perfectly smooth semi-dry concrete screeds. The EcoMix concrete screed service is a quick, cost-efficient and simple method. This method is very popular both for new as well as older buildings. Our screeds meet the necessary technical standards.

Smooth screed right away.

To meet the expectations of our customers, we always use top quality products available on the market and high-quality equipment. This gives our floors an ideally smooth finish, and the concrete requires no drying.

We take care of each metre.

We accept all orders in our area of operation – regardless of their size. EcoMix specialises in floor concrete screeds in the area of Slough, Windsor, Ascot, Twickenham, High Wycombe, Hamel Hampstead, Bedford, Watford and London.

Why EcoMix concrete screeds:

Perfectly smooth finish

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