Concrete pumps

Our pumps will save your time and money.

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Concrete pumps

Do you need to deliver concrete to a specific place? EcoMix provides services in the scope of concrete pumping. We offer concrete pump rental at an attractive price.

Equipment for demanding Customers.

We have modern equipment. Our pumps are equipped with systems allowing to transport concrete over large distances and to areas on the concrete surfaces access to which is difficult.

Pumps for difficult conditions.

Our equipment, provided by the leading pump manufacturers, features great durability and reliability, allowing us to implement projects also in demanding field conditions.

Why EcoMix concrete pump:

  • Pumping capacity up to 300m horizontally and 100m vertically allows for trouble-free transport of concrete at the construction site without any wheel-barrows
  • Pumping range: 120m – ensuring flexible operating range that allows to transport concrete to any place, including from one surface to another
  • Qualified pump operating staff - allows for efficient and quick order execution
  • Execution of various types of orders - we select solutions adequate for each order
  • We are saving your time and money!

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