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Mix concrete on site

The most efficient available method

Only pay for what you use.

Mix concrete on site

Our method allows for time and cost savings.

EcoMix concrete is mixed directly at the Customer’s site – thanks to the ready concrete mix, you pay only for what you use. The Customer determines the quantity and parameters of the concrete they need. EcoMix adjusts the type of concrete needed to the changing weather conditions or changes in the construction plans on an on-going basis.

We are Eco.

All raw materials used for concrete production are stored in special rooms, and then measured and mixed so as to prepare fresh concrete. We supply concrete in any quantity - from a wheel-barrow capacity to impressive 50 m3 an hour. This allows us to avoid unnecessary waste - unused materials can be reused in the future. For concrete to be of best quality.

High capacity mixers can hold from 2 to 10 cubic metres of concrete. All EcoMix mixers are equipped with standard auxiliary devices - tippers, electronic measurement system, label printer.

The concrete mixing system we use allows us to provide Customer service over distances far greater than in case of traditional drum mixers.

Why EcoMix concrete mix:

  • Ready concrete as requested, directly on site
  • Concrete mix without unnecessary waste at the construction site
  • Production of concrete mix adjusted to the Customer’s needs
  • Highest level of specialist control
Save your time and your money

Save your time and your money

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